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The First Two Black Senators in US History

February 11, 2021
“I got the idea to do this topic specifically on Twitter, someone tweeted about how when Hiram Revels, the very first African American Senator was appointed, because all senators in those days were appointed, he takes his seat and there was a big controversy about whether he should be seated and some segregationist senators literally turned their backs on him on the floor of the United States Senate. And I thought: this is a really interesting story, we should talk about that”
February is Black History Month, and Tour Guide Tell All is highlighting important but perhaps lesser known African American heroes this month, all month long.  We continue our exploration of African American history with a discussion of the first two Black Senators, Hiram Revels and Blanche Bruce.  Both were appointed from Mississippi just after the end of the Civil War and represent both the hope and the tragedy of Reconstruction.
Join Rebecca and Becca as they discuss two lesser known heroes who both boldly tried to envision a more equal United States, only to have history turn against them.
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