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The Outrageous and Tragic Life of Evalyn Walsh McLean

December 17, 2020

“(Evalyn Walsh McLean) is so famous that she took this big trip to Russia, and Cole Porter wrote about her. And this is when I turn my chair around backwards and I lean over to show teenagers how hip I am. 'Cole Porter was like a rapper in that he would drop references to the hottest chicks, the most important people, and all the tabloid drama!' And so the fact that she gets referenced in this Cole Porter song is definitely a testament to the fact that she was like a Kardashian, that level of notoriety and fame. And the line is: 'When Mrs. Ned McLean (God bless her) / can get Russian Reds to "yes" her / then I suppose / Anything goes....'"


Tour Guide Tell All continues it's look into the outrageous lives of some of Washington DC's wildest women, and in this episode we focus on Evalyn Walsh McLean. Once one of the most famous and envied women in the world, she suffered a great many tragedies which may or may not have been caused by one of the most famous pieces of jewelry she came to own, the notoriously "cursed" Hope Diamond.

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