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The Petticoat Affair

December 10, 2020

“The Petticoat Affair is an amazing name. To me, it reads like a bodice-ripper title - this would be some sultry book you would take to the beach or it sounds like an old period movie.  I love this story because  it combines several things that you and I love which is women's history, there are some really interesting women who play in this story; presidential history, we're going to mention a lot of names that have come up in previous episodes; and it's sort of this great little scandal."


Tour Guide Tell All digs into the life and marriages of one beautiful DC woman, which became not just local gossip but a literal issue of national importance.  Learn how Andrew Jackson upended his Cabinet, the double standards for women in the 19th Century, and what Martin Van Buren has to do with any of this.  

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