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World War I and the New National World War I Memorial

April 15, 2021

"(WWI) is a war that is under-studied in the United States. Somebody said this to me once, that we feel about World War II in the United States, the way that Europeans feel about World War I....World War I is the big trial, and World War II is kind of this thing that happened afterward. And to wit, we have a friend, Matilda...and she moved to a teeny tiny town in the middle of nowhere France for a little while and there's about 100 people that live there, and on Armistice Day...they all get together,  and day drink, because France; and they read out the names of all the of the people from their village that died in the war."


We are dedicating a new memorial in DC, the National World War One Memorial, this week! We at Tour Guide Tell All are never ones to let a good opportunity go to waste, so the Rebeccas are here to chat about the memorial, and give an overview of American participation in the war.

Join us as we discuss the basics of World War I, debunk some myths, and prepare to usher a new memorial to the Nation's capital.

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